Dive at Dawn

by The Hi-Lites



released October 15, 2018

The Hi-Lites / HViV Records / Teenage Hate Records / Bad Health Records / Trokson Records


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Hell Vice i Vicious France

HViV is a french DIY label created at the end of 2006.

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Track Name: Obey
What a system
Walk all over us
Ignorance is such a bliss
For those who control

Resign, we resign ourselves
to walk for the Party
Walking away
from the minority
Don’t think

Hide from ourselves
the empathy
Set our minds
on idleness,
not on reality

It is a siren call
Be aware
Eveytime the Party comes out
Preaching for one thing and then the opposite
Sounds like there is no escape


Hit something
Why don’t we strike ?
Track Name: Inside
A broken door
An empty home
Let see the void
Stripped down

There are eyes that scrutinize your skin and your soul
The perfect portrait of a glory fall
If just a frame you share will fill you with joy
The content inside is no longer yours

The blue black cold where we seem to hide

Fragments of life in plain sight

An aggravation of the state of mind
Track Name: Autumn Flood
I stand back from the autumn flood

Dark clouds hang over us
Rain starts to fall it hurts

As if we never try
How it couldn’t be so nice ?
Some say pain is worth the gain
Some say you’d rather walk away

Wait it out
Something come in our way
Wait it out
There will be a brighter day
Don’t let it burn
Wait it out

I stand back from the autumn flood

Look away no one is great
Don’t restrain and leave the pain

Another thoughtful act
You never seem to get the compromise
Track Name: Anti Sex
A luminous sign
and a weird hostess at the entrance says :
« Come to say Hi »
I don’t know where the hell I’m heading to
She says : « don’t be so shy »
There will be some pretty surprise for you
And it seems so tense
So I turn around
(She says ) « Hey wait ! »

I’m anti sex
What if
I’m anti sex ?

I know why it isn’t right
We get to close you and I
Putting on an innocent look in the city
In other words she says
« I’m your fantasize, can’t you see? »
So I scream myself off
I ain’t nothing but a whore

I’m anti sex
What if
I’m anti sex ?

Getting too close
Get into deep

I burn my eyes
watching you sleep

Feeling so hot
feeling so cold

And I have to admit it
this is a lost cause

We fall
We soar
Track Name: Dive At Dawn
They all pretend everything is fine
It’s dragging them out into the city
Even when they are paralyzed
They dive at dawn with white powder
Stay awake not to sink
into despair, unsatisfaction
Deep wounds in the heart
Craving for attention

They sing along about their egos
Lost souls on the dance floor
Feel down in the dumps, down the bone
all of the time
Dance to forget
Dance to deny those starring eyes

They all pretend everything is fine
It’s dragging them out into the city
Even when they are paralyzed
They dive at dawn with white powder
Stay awake not to sink
into despair, unsatisfaction
Deep wounds in the heart
Craving for attention

Remove the stain of pure innocence
They claim a sacred heart
which has left a bitter taste
They come undone
Track Name: A Major Mistake
I made a mistake
shaking your hand

You stabbed me in the back
while I was away

I bleed out with your knife
feeling no pain

You took me for granted
then threw it all away

Nowhere to hide
No one to tell
the hideous betrayal you have signed there
Compulsive liar, I never got a phone call
waiting for a sign that we’ll keep moving on

Be ready to learn
Be ready to face
Someday you will pay !

Heavy as heartbreak
Nothing but a mistake

You break the bond of trust
You did nothing but give false hope
Are you ashamed of what you’ve done ?
You leave no stone unturned !
Track Name: Attila
We can only watch
We can only doubt
And nothing ease
the pain above our eyes
One reason
One reason


Feel that we’re repressed
And nothing will change


Injustice unjustified
Track Name: Interest
They sold a solid treason
Hidden attractive silhouette
Compulsive shopping disorder
Feeding the GAFA’s order

White collars institution
The calling of globalisation

We consume in the short term
A good deal we safely trust

Hey come along it’s Black Friday !
Don’t miss out on our biggest sale
This growing machine
hypnotized on a massive scale
When it’s running out we suffocate
Can’t wait for the new trend
In a deafening silence we betray our true selves

White collars institution
The calling of globalisation
Track Name: Talk Now !
I can always talk sincerely
I can always act truthfully
Time is moving on

Even though that talk is shitty
This awkward silence drive us crazy
Time is moving on
And nothing’s going on

We’re taking our time
Let it all out
A kind of drama
We drown our sorrows in a bottle of cheap wine
We get out of line

Hide your inner thoughts
Since I reclaim your heart
It’s coming down the track
We know it !
I let out a sigh
to give a little sign
about the absurd situation
A common ground is not that easy

Talk Now !
What’s going on ?
Track Name: Exit Door
We’re going die matter of time
We try so hard to stay aside
what concretely define what we really are
Stay out of sight
Elders forsaken seclusion strengthened

In transe we crush towards the exit door

Anytime, anywhere, anyone, any day
Everytime, everywhere
We’re just getting by

We hang on as we can
Pretend we never die
We’re all in denial
We’re just getting by
Track Name: Journey has come to an end
Another way to express
the sense of loneliness
Another way to say
Journey has come to an end

Now we’re ready to go home

In other words we ask : is it serious?
One time, one way, it is cold !
Another state of mind is it illusional ?
One foot in the grave, it is done !

Once tasted life we get bored
Empire of dust untold
Dance, dance, dance, dance now !
Dance, dance, dance, dance on
the beat of the unknown

In the sun, in the rain
where we hide
In the end of the trail
we realize that is all gone

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