by Luje

Mauve 03:25
Mauve I can't believe that I can't get along With this situation this morning There's a coffee for you and one for the rock Can you rock for me can you rock for me instead ? Will I wake up ? I canÕt get up I'd like to ask you something I'm so tired can you get off in the street for me ? This is the way I go And it's a confortable fear An illusion of none An impression of need Make me feel like I care about Where I belong and where I am from I can't cover my own excitation For the filth and diseases For the rock industry And the mysteries Of your new company You created each pieces And I donÕt give a shit But can you rock for me But can you rock for me again ?


FR :
Inspiré de la scène shoegaze des 90’s et du renouveau de la musique psychédélique, Luje transporte son public à travers un mélange de guitares cosmiques et de synthés analogiques. Le groupe se nourrit des sonorités aériennes et psycho-dégénératrices de DIIV, My Bloody Valentine et autre Deerhunter. Les cinq membres alternent les ambiances volcaniques et stellaires afin d’allier l’énergie des fuzz et la brillance insurmontable des chorus, delay et reverbs. Pablo 406, premier EP du groupe enregistré par ses soins chez Ohmnibus Studios, sort à l’automne 2018 après une année d’auto-production dans la plus pure tradition DIY.

EN :
Inspired from the 90’s shoegaze and new psychedelic wave, Luje transports its public between cosmic guitars and analog synths. The band takes the best from Diiv’s elevated and psycho degenerative acoustics, My Bloody Valentine and Deerhunter. Luje’s 5 members switch between fiery and stellar atmospheres to bring together fuzz, sleek chorus, delays and reverbs. To pursue their DIY aspirations the band created their independent record label ‘Gauche Bas Records’ in 2017, bringing them freedom to create an express their high ambitions.


released August 11, 2019


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Hell Vice i Vicious France

HViV is a french DIY label created at the end of 2006.

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