Pablo 406

by Luje



Inspiré de la scène shoegaze des 90's et du renouveau de la musique psychédélique, Luje transporte son public à travers un mélange de guitares cosmiques et de synthés analogiques. Le groupe se nourrit des sonorités aériennes et psycho-dégénératrices de DIIV, My Bloody Valentine et autre Deerhunter


released November 16, 2018

Recorded by Luje & Valentin Lafort at Ohmnibus Studios
Mixed by Luje & Valentin Lafort
Mastered by Neemis Mastering at Jafar Studios


all rights reserved



Hell Vice i Vicious France

HViV is a french DIY label created at the end of 2006.

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Track Name: Lonesome
So long, I'm running in my dreams
Cut the song, I'm holding back my tears
I'm lonesome, I'm feeling inspirate
Making indelicate sounds and desperate stuff

Stumble, in the upside down
Go on, whatever if it's tough
I'm trying to find some alibis
To justify my acts
I'm moody but I expect I survive

Should I still believe in the human cause ?
It makes me wanna leave in the cosmic zone
Track Name: The log lady
Liberty will never comes, let's gather our determination now
Loyalty is so chemical, there's a burden on your magnificent crown
Twin thoughts flow and the demons stand up again
They'll take you down and take your sweet soul

Royalties and illusions, believe your inspiration getting wrong
Infrastructures are manufactured, watch your television getting dumb
The semaphore wave their flags up
The decency's stuck in limbo

Keep on going
Keep on running
Keep on thinking
Ooh there's nothings
Let me floating
Let me living
Let me dremin'
Ooh you won't stop me
Track Name: Hang on
When you understand that you never understood
You were waiting that they will give you the clue
And all that you receive 's ruining your mood
Hang on, hang on
When you figure out that you never collected
All that you dreamt, all that you expected
And all your memories are doomed to forget
Hang on, hang on

When you slowly try to erase his silhouette
When you're so damn high you can't even spell his name
To deny your life has never been a way
So hang on, hang on
Keep your head up, head up
Don't get down, get down
Keep your head up instead of drinking off
Hang on, hang on

And move on for me and us
Leave me out
Track Name: I will follow your soul
I can feel your specter above the sea
Finally I see it scattering
However you still remain in my dreams
And after all you can settle here

Finding strength to live is not so easy
I need to forget and to believe
I remember all the things we lived
I didn't expect you to leave

Bye bye
You're so damn high
Bye bye
Maybe I will soon rise

I'm feelin it
I will follow your soul
Track Name: Souvenir
Dropping all old stuff
Blaming that curse
I can't find the courage
To get this gloom away
How is it to
Forget all about you
Whenever I lose
All that I hope (to) (for/expect)
Every day and every night
Feel(s) like an everlasting journey

It's been a year
That you moved away
I can see your shade

And one month later
I'm still flabbergasted
And overwhelmed (for sure)
You and I were
Anywhere and nowhere
Ready to be there
Getting high to prosper
Everything above my head
Feels like an extreme challenge today

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